Medialand is one of Brazil’s biggest independent production companies, focused 100% on television products and now cinema too. Scored by Ancine a level 7, Medialand owner 46 projects in association with CPB “Brasileira Independente Constituinte de Espaço Qualificado” with more than 200 hours of content and also his own studio, with 800 m². 10 years in the marketing with 100% of the patrimonial rights of each project.

Nowadays, Medialand has over 30 shows being aired all over the world: Brazil, Latin America, Asia, Africa e Europe. Medialand’s productions never stop on the first season; they have a long and successful life, like

Whether through licensing, co-production with channels, or content brand, all our series can be customized to fit a channel’s grid – in the duration and/or format. In our shows, we create the opportunities for branding/merchandising for sponsors, associating the brand to the content, avoiding conventional styles efficiently.