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Police Operation

(2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014)
Rights all the world

Seasons: 17
Episodes per season: 8 x 47
Total of episodes: 136 x 47'

Broadcasted Brazil PayTV: Discovery Investigation, NATGEO
Broadcasted Brazil Free TV: Record, Globo
Broadcasted LATAM: Discovery Investigation, TruTV
Broadcasted EUA / Europe / Africa: Globo International, Record international
Broadcasted Asia: EPG
VOD: Vivo Play, MOONY, Police Channel, FOX PLAY, TVShows Play, NOW

VOD: Available
Open TV: Available
PayTV BRAZIL: Not Available
PayTV all world except BRAZIL: Available
Bible: Available
Scripts available: Portuguese, English
Subtitles: Not Available
Dubbing: Not Available

Synopsis: The first police reality show in Brazil, it goes
behind the scenes to show the day-to-day routine
of the brazilian police force, including cops
on the beat, detectives and the forensics team.
The program covers the entire spectrum of police
operations: fighting the war on drugs, car theft
gangs, prostitution, intellectual property theft, graft
in the public health system, and much more.


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