Between Dead And Alive


Rights for all the world

Seasons: 1
Episodes per season: 1×100’

Broadcasted Brasil: Canal Brasil

VOD: Avaliable
Open TV: Not Avaliable
PayTV LATAM: Not Avaliable
PayTV com exceção LATAM: Avaliable

A group of serial killers confined in a mental asylum prepares for the Halloween party, at the same time as a new inmate (Heloisa) arrives irritating the most terrible serial killer, Claudia, who is in love with his cellmate, Lucas. The fate ends up linking Lucas and Heloisa and the two end up having a quick romance, that will leave Claudia upset. Claudia doesnʼt give up and convinces the Japanese ʼʼmacumbeiraʼʼ of the place (Tomoto) to take action, to invoke the demons, and end Heloisaʼs life. When everything seemed to have worked out just as Claudia wanted to, it all ends up being a huge mistake and the zombies appear from the tombs searching for blood, flesh and party.

General Direction: Carla Albuquerque
Script e Direction: Beto Ribeiro
Photograph direction: Carlos Ebert, ABC