Mommy’s Little Doll


Rights for all the world

Seasons: 1
Episodes per season: 5 x 70’

Broadcasted Brasil: Canal Brasil

VOD: Avaliable
Open TV: Not Avaliable
PayTV LATAM: Not Avaliable
PayTV com exceção LATAM: Avaliable.

Sinopse: Cleopatra leaves her home for another day of work. In fact, a long night of hard work throughout the darkest and saddest places of the city. After suffering several embarrassing situations, she ends up going to visit his mother in an asylum, where the arrival of an old doll will change her life forever. Cleo doesn’t know, but the old doll is cursed and that will result in the release of her darkest and most obscure secrets.

Cast: Gabriela Garcia, Ricardo Ciciliano, Marili Maria, Leticia Coura, Eder Santos, Tiago Luchi, Raphael Gama, Thales Maniezzo,
Keila Taschini, Darwin Demarch, Jennifer Glass, André Madrini, Alan Mangerona, Bruna Paludetti, Thiago Dietel, Fernando Bernardi,
Invite cast: Rodrigo Millaert e Nilton Bicudo

Special Participation: Luisa Marilac

General direction: Carla Albuquerque
Script e Direction: Beto Ribeiro
Photograph direction: Carlos Ebert, ABC