The C&D’s


Rights for all the world

Seasons: 1
Episodes per season: 13 x 30’

Broadcasted Brazil: Play TV, TBS
Sindication Brazil: Rede NGT, TV Leste
VOD: TV Shows Play, Looke

VOD: Available
Open TV: Available
PayTV LATAM: Available
PayTV except LATAM: Available

Synopsis: Television viewers are taking an ever stronger liking to TV series and reality shows. So, why not unite the two in a single project? Thats what The C&Ds is: the language of reality shows in a sitcom series whose storyline is larger and doesn’t stop each episode from having a beginning, middle and end. A fictional family lives a real, day-to-day life when it agrees to participate in a TV reality show. It’ s the best of reality and fiction: conflicts and humor that could be happening at your neighbor’s house, or even yours.