The Murderous Van


Rights for all the world

Seasons: 1
Episodes per season: 1 x 90’

Broadcasted Brasil: Canal Brasil

VOD: Avaliable
Open TV: Not Avaliable
PayTV LATAM: Not Avaliable
PayTV com exceção LATAM: Avaliable

Laurinho swears he’s a happy man, at least when he’s inside his van, or selling ʻʻmeat and cheese pieʼʼ as he likes to say. Married to ex-prostitute Cleusa, he tries not to take seriously the absurdities he hears every day from his wife and her friend, Shirley, who practically lives with the couple. Often mugged by Douglas, Laurinho doesn’t suspect that the gangster is Shirley’s nephew. But … Everything can change when Laurinho wins 350 million reais in a lottery – alone. Cleusa and Shirley decide that they’ll live in Rio de Janeiro with the money, but they don’t want Laurinho together – neither together or alive. The two just don’t imagine that the Japanese ʻʻmacumbeiraʼʼ , Tomoto, already gave magic power to the spirit of Laurinho to incorporate in the Van and take revenge of his tormentors.

General Direction: Carla Albuquerque
Script e Direction: Beto Ribeiro