The Vampire of Paulista


Rights for all the world

Seasons: 1
Episodes per season: 1 x 70’

Broadcasted Brasil: Canal Brasil

VOD: Avaliable
Open TV: Not Avaliable
PayTV LATAM: Not Avaliable
PayTV com exceção LATAM: Avaliable

Count Ysefer is a vampire with more than a thousand years old, abandoned in Romania by the witch Misti, his greatest love. In addition to living in the shadow of Dracula’s fame, Ysefer was just bought at an auction by some ʼʼInternetʼʼ . Not only bought, humiliated, but also sent to a strange world called Brazil, more precisely at Av. Paulista, in São Paulo. After the night arrives, Count Ysefer leaves his coffin and discovers that Misti – ʻʻA Witch is Misti ʼʼ – is around, living with somemone called Augusta. The vampire won’t settle down until he meets his beloved hated witch, even if he needs to join the strangest human beings of the night of São Paulo.

General Direction: Carla Albuquerque
Script e Direction: Beto Ribeiro